If you are the owner or manager of a bar or business in Soi 8 you can add your link to this website. The link consists simply of one image and a link, of your choice, in the slider on the home page.

To add the link you simply need to email us on Soi8@thaigerweb.com and include the following

One large high quality image (must be at least 900 pixels wide) – you can send more if you wish and we will choose one.

Somewhere to link the image to i.e. a website, web page or a Facebook Page.

Please be aware that the domain name is currently for sale. If we receive an offer we will accept the new owners will very likely change the site so the link is not guaranteed forever. If you are interested in the domain name yourself please see the Domain for sale page. We are not looking for silly money – all reasonable offers will be considered.

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